SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress is a thermo therapeutic compress. Thermotherapy consists of application of heat or cold for the purpose of changing the core temperature of soft tissue with the intention of improving the symptoms of certain conditions.
SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress is 100% natural. It contains a mix of seeds, herbs and spices which are carefully selected to aid in healing, relaxing, soothing and maintaining good health. The compress molds itself to the curves of your body to provide targeted relief. It is reusable and can be used as a hot/warm compress and even as a cold compress. It is portable and comes in a handy box to take to work, the gym or even on your holiday.
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SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress can help relieve pain, but you must consult your doctor if you have a medical problem. If you have an altered sensitivity to heat and cold, use SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress with caution. Prolonged usage could lead to inadvertent burns or frostbite. SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress should not be used on open wounds, skin cancers and other surface tumors. Do not use SaCha’s TheraSpice Hot & Cold Compress directly on the body of your baby. Instead warm the compress and place it on your child’s pillow or bedside. This way your child will inhale the healing properties of the compress all night long, and will be relieved of upper respiratory tract infections.

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